Silestone, Granite & Solid Surface: Stone Worktops

Stone Worktops

Stone and Solid surface worktops offer a wide variety of colour and texture for your kitchen. Both natural (e.g Granite and Marble), manmade stone such as Silestone and solid surface (e.g. Corian) provide a robust and beautiful finish.


A quartz composite worktop made of 93% quartz making it strong and hard wearing yet beautiful.

Silestone is available in a wide variety of colours from Barbie pink to glittering snow white, moody blacks and gorgeous marbles and in both a gloss and matt finish.

It is highly heat resistant and has the great advantage of being non-porous to stain (red wine, curry, lemon juice etc) and water resistant too.

Silestone also has the unique advantage of offering antibacterial protection. The worktops are manufactured with a special protection system which enables them to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the work surfaces making Silestone worktops both durable and hygienic.

With such a wide variety the colours and finishes are banded into differing price brackets. Please contact us for more information.


A natural worktop as old as time as well as being beautiful and elegant; Granite gives the look and feel of high quality whilst also being very durable and long lasting.

Giving a contemporary feel to your kitchen, a granite worktop will give your Four Corners kitchen a polished finish. With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from the granite varies in price with each colour allocated a "banding" which reflects its pricing.

Granite worktops are cold which is great for pastry making enabling you to channel your inner Mary Berry. The stone worktop is resistant to heat, stains and water.

Solid Surface

A great mid priced alternative to Silestone and granite Four Corners can offer solid surface worktops that offer flexibility, strength and a non-porous finish in a wide variety of colours.

The best known solid surface worktop is probably Corian; newer harder wearing alternatives are also available. Sinks, drainage grooves and upstands are all possible with solid surface worktops.