Leather Sofas & Leather Chairs Available At Four Corners

Leather Sofa/Chairs

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Sofas and chairs that age as gracefully as the rest of us, upholstered in the most expensive leather blend seamlessly with Four Corners furniture.

Two designs of these aniline leather sofas are available. Both are substantial and chunky in design, the Seattle leather sofa has curved inner arms and is slightly shallower in depth. The Luca leather sofa has squared arms and a deep seat.

The pure, uncorrected aniline leather shows scarring, mottling, wrinkling and shading are distinctive features just like the characterful wood of our furniture. As it is natural material, aniline leather breathes better and wears longer than inferior, more processed leathers.

The seat cushions are filled with a combination of foam and fibre. As you sit down the density of the foam means that the seat cushion moulds and supports you, and the fibre provides the 'ahh' as you relax into it! The cushions hold their own shape so the cushions are almost 'self plumping'.

The leather footstools available work with both designs of sofa.
If you are looking for a leather sofa bed, chaise longue or L shaped design then please do talk to us as we may be able to help you with this.

In addition to the Luca and Seattle ranges we also stock occasional chairs.